Free Courses for Your Quarantine


Introduction to Travel Photography: a free video guide to start learning about travel photography by World Nomads.

Nikon School: Nikon is putting on their website many photography courses, from photographing macro to children & pets to more advanced video and photo ones. There is even one about how to make a music video!

CreativeLive: creative classes about photography, Photoshop, Lightroom, typography and lettering, sound mixing, and much more!

Skillshare: creative classes of every kind. My flatmate is doing the Adobe Illustrator one and really liking it! This is a website I will definitely try.


Pluralsight: free courses on software development, IT, cyber security, business analysis, manufacturing, drawing fundamentals, machine learning, etc.!

Harvard Business School Online: free online business lessons about entrepreneurship, management, leadership, business strategy, and more! Don’t lose this opportunity! do you want to become a Scrum master? Check out these certifications!

Google: this giant has definitely a lot of free courses! are you interested in marketing? you can earn a certification in Digital Marketing or one in Google Ads! Do you want to develop your business online, or maybe learn about business communication, graphic design, speaking in public, programming? So many resources to help you out!

HubSpot: if you are interested in marketing, content writing and social media, you need to try these free courses and certifications by HubSpot.

Coursera: I’ve used them for my Project Management course but there are courses from basically every famous university, and about almost everything. You can do the courses for free or pay very little for a certificate, it’s up to you!


A-Zero to A-Hero & Palabras Bravas podcasts: if you are looking to learn Spanish (the 1st) or to if you are already intermediate/advanced and want to perfect it (the 2nd) podcasts are extremely useful!


Yoga with Adriene: my yoga queen. I’ve been following her for so many years, and every day I try to do one of her YouTube videos.

PopSugar: dance and fitness tutorials of every kind, very American but fun!

Blogilates: Full length POP Pilates and Bootcamp Sculpting workouts. Hard but short workouts to tone your body for the summer!

Apps: I like Nike Training and Nike Run Club if you can go out, and from the Down Dog family I enjoy HIIT and 7 Min Workout while my flatmate loves their Yoga ones.


Udemy: I actually don’t know them, but I have heard a lot about them. Similar to Coursera, but they charge by course around $11.

Teaching as a Foreign Language (TEFL) online course: I went to their two-day training in London and thought it was super useful! They have 30% discount on their courses until April 13th, so 84 pounds instead of 120 for their standard course.

Masterclass: like Netflix but with famous professionals that teach you something, from cooking with Gordon Ramsay, self-expression with RuPaul and leadership with Anna Wintour, to writing with Neil Gaiman, scientific thinking with Neil deGrasse Tyson, makeup with Bobbi Brown. They have an offer of 2 accounts for CHF 190 for a year, so CHF 95 per person for a year! Really worth it! 🙂

Harvard Business School Online: I did two courses with them (reimbursed by the company I work at) and really enjoyed them, particularly the Negotiation Mastery one. The courses are around $1600.

Digital Marketing with LSE:


Google Arts & Culture: many museums and palaces (like Versailles) have private virtual tours so you can discover art from all over the world from your bed.

FixThePhoto: are you learning photography and would like Lightroom presets for your photos? This website has so many!

Instagram: many dancers and fitness teachers are uploading their lessons for free, and many chefs (like David Chang!) are teaching in their stories how to cook simple dishes with what they have at home.

YouTube: everything you need. I follow many YouTubers that post recipes, fashion & styling videos, book reviews, and more. The list is so long that it’s better that you let me know what you need so I can send it to you. A few of my playlists are Fitness, Makeup and Recipes. A special shoutout goes to Bon Appétit for their awesome cooking channel.

More Free Stuff? Check out this article.

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