How to Beat Unproductiveness in Corona Times

For a person like me that feels lost if she doesn’t achieve goals every day, the inability to cross items on checklists due to this dark cloud of dismay is stressing, and this pressure to be productive just aggravates more my mental state.

I tried at the beginning to write points on my daily checklist, and some days I succeeded to cross them all out, some days I was lucky enough to just strike through one.
What I quickly understood was that, apart from putting too much pressure on myself, this method was obviously not working. And processes that don’t work need to be innovated.

Decided to not give up, I gathered my “lessons learned” and developed a new and easy method: doing 3 things a day.
Three things a day seemed possible and easy to achieve, like studying marketing, doing yoga and cleaning the house, or talking with a friend, reading a book and going grocery shopping.
It seemed attainable. And it was.

This method has completely changed my mental health, because my only goal these days is to check this one. I still panic thinking about how much I have not done in this month of isolation and the book I could have written and the courses I could have taken but it’s much less overwhelming now.

If you are looking for an app to track your habits, check out Habit (it’s free!), otherwise a good old notebook converted into a bullet journal can work wonders (and you can decorate it as you want!).

For more information about discomfort and grieving in corona times, check out this Harvard Business Review article.
For more information about how to cope with fatigue, fear and panic, check out this other HBR article.

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