A Weekend in July 2019

I found the draft of a post I wrote in July 2019 about a normal summer weekend in Zurich, eating and drinking out and enjoying the sun with friends, and and I read it at home alone in a quarantine day when I weirdly wore normal clothes AND makeup. Check it out. 

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A Morning of Art & Food in Barranco

Barranco is, together with Miraflores, my favorite “distrito”, district of Lima, and my Instagram every time I visit definitely doesn’t hide that.

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Lima – Dec.17

Lima is always wonderful, even when it’s grey (90% of the times then), but Summer gives this city a special touch. Walking down the malecón, eating ceviche and sipping chilcanos with friends, going to Barranco and admiring a sunset disappear on the ocean are activities I cannot miss when visiting La Ciudad de los Reyes.

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Yes, Stay


My last trip before leaving Peru was to Arequipa, the second biggest city in the country. One of the possible origins of the word is the sentence “Ari qhipay” (in Quechua: “Yes, stay”) and honestly I would have stayed much longer.
The city, surrounded by volcanos, is located at 2,328 metres above sea level, so definitely not Lima, but I didn’t have any problem with the altitude.

The typical Arequipan house is made in ashlar, a volcanic stone from the area, and the walls are usually painted in cobalt blue, white or ochre. I fell deeply in love with these colours and the small streets and corners of the city center. The food was delicious (of course).
Here are some of my photos.
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