20 Netflix Shows You Should Watch

The entire world now has much more time on their hands, and what has been saving our morale is something that in “normal” days many people would consider not fundamental: the arts.
From the unread books in our house to painting to the series and movies we never managed to watch because we were so busy (with what?), we are rediscovering our long lost (or never explored) love for everything that is creative.
This is the first post of a series about creative things that I have enjoyed lately or that I always recommend. Let’s start with Netflix!

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Recently on Netflix #1

Recently on Netflix 1

I watch a lot of Netflix. Watching tv series in bed after a long day is what I do every night before sleeping. Having lunch with my friends and talking about what we had watched the night before was one of my favourite things about university.
I usually go from light comedy to really serious drama, depending on how I’m feeling that day. The only things I’m not a fan of are horror and thriller.

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